Triglav ascent from Krma valley

Triglav, Slovenian highest mountain, is a must do for every Slovenian and also for most foreign mountaineers who’s visiting Slovenia. There are three Alpine valleys leading towards Triglav from Mojstrana. Krma is the southeast of them and for most of people, that climb Triglav regularly that is the easiest ascent. This route is usually used also on winter ascents. Normally the tour takes two days. Depend on weather conditions we climb summit on the first day afternoon or second day in the morning. In both cases we’ll sleep in Triglavski dom on Kredarica. The last part from Kredarica to the summit is exposed but well protected wia ferrata. Climbing Triglav in one day is only for super fit persons.
Total height of ascent: 1550m to Kredarica and another 400 m to the top
Climbing time: 5 hours to Kredarica and 2 hours to the summit.
Starting point: end of the road in the Krma Valley (900 m)
Descent: The way of ascent until the car  in the Krma valley (6 hours)

The equipment required: Basic mountaineering equipment for wia ferrata

1-day ascent: 350 € for one guest and 500 € for two guests.

2-day ascent: 600 € for one guest, 700 € for two guests and 250 € per person for 3-4 guests.

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