Important information

The Equipment Required

The basic mountaineering equipment includes equipment that is suitable for visiting the mountains and adapted to the season and the conditions (glaciers).
The basic alpine equipment required for snow-free grounds:

  • Climbing harness
  • Helmet
  • Climbing boots required for ascents on routes graded IV or higher

The basic alpine equipment required for winter and for the glaciers:

  • Climbing harness
  • Helmet
  • Climbing boots suitable for attaching the crampons
  • Crampons
  • Ice axe (two ice axes for demanding winter/ice routes and icefalls)

Some of the basic alpine equipment is available for rent.

Pricing information

The fees for individual tours cover the guidance only. Every guest needs to consider additional costs including: transport (car, train, cable car) as well as food and accommodation, both for themselves and the guide. Additional costs assessment can be made on request. The guest agrees to pay the full guidance fee in case the tour is concluded prematurely through the fault of the guest (e.g. guest’s poor stamina, ignoring the bad weather forecast, etc.).

The tour fees relating to the tours in which the conditions are rapidly changing should be considered estimates only. This also applies for the lowest fees for the ascents with the difficulty level V or higher. In both cases, the fee is calculated individually upon the consultation with the guest.

Guest’s physical fitness

The guest is expected to maintain basic physical fitness required to visit the mountains. The physically undemanding tours do not require special preparations, whereas the challenging tours do. We recommend that the first-time guests wishing to undertake a difficult tour (e.g. Matterhorn) go on a preliminary tour. Preliminary acclimatization is recommended for tours taking place at higher altitudes. Please note that the preliminary tours we organize are not included in the basic tour fee. We also offer consultation services on building up fitness and strength.


Mountaineering and alpinism are activities that take place in an unpredictable environment. We always make every effort to provide you with as safe and as relaxed experience as possible. Unfortunately, the nature offers us no guarantee of perfect safety. Therefore, every guest is required to have valid insurance covering the mountaineering activities. The members of the most alpine associations (PZS, ÖAV, DAV, etc.) are already provided with this type of insurance.

Signing up/Inquiries

You can sign up for a tour or send us an inquiry via telephone, regular mail, or E-mail.
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