The Slovenian Route

Climbing the N face of Triglav is a longing of many who do not practice climbing and a wonderful adventure as well. Mainly solid rock, predominantly undemanding climbing flavored by some serious sections, a picturesque window, and an exposed rung in the upper part of the route; all of these make it a first-class climbing aim. We recommend it to everyone who wishes to try out climbing and to those who wish to start their climbing career with this route.

Grade: I–II, III
Route height: 800 m (2,600 ft)
Climbing time: 3–5 hours
Starting point: Aljažev dom chalet in the Vrata Valley (1,015 m / 3,300 ft)
Approach: From the Vrata Valley by the Prag Route to the foot of the face (1.5 hours).
Descent: From the end of the face by the Prag Route and along this route to the Vrata Valley (2.5 hours) or to the Triglav Summit (2 hours) and then by one of the routes back to the Vrata Valley (3–4 hours)
The equipment required: Basic mountaineering and climbing equipment
Price: 300 €  for one guest, 180 € per person for two guests

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