The Čop Pillar of the Triglav Face

This is a legendary Slovenian climbing route, a masterpiece of the prominent Slovenian alpinists Jože Čop and Pavla Jesih. The middle pillar of the Triglav Face has always been a challenge for every true alpinist. Throughout the history, the equipment, physical fitness, and mentality have improved, but the greatness of this route has remained the same. The yearning of alpinists to climb this route has remained as well, so let it be fulfilled.

Grade: VI+, V–VI
Route height: 450 m (1,500 ft), the entire face: 1,000 m (3,200 ft)
Climbing time: 10–12 hours
Starting point: Aljažev dom chalet in the Vrata Valley (1,015 m / 3,300 ft)
Approach: From the Vrata Valley by the Prag Route to the foot of the face (1.5 hours). The approach to the pillar is by the Skalaška route (V-, IV).
Descent: From the end of the face to the Bamberg Path and along this path across the Luknja to the Vrata Valley (3 hours)
The equipment required: Basic mountaineering and climbing equipment
Price: 570 € ($ 780 / £ 470)

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